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“The Dream of the Rood”

          I love this piece. Here’s a link to the full poem translated by Richard Hamer. The text I worked with was translated by Alfred David. Both are lovely. And here’s my analysis. Hopefully it … Continue reading

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Myth, Fairy Tales, and Christian Faith

This blog post¬†reminded me that I wrote about a similar theme last semester. Here it is with only minimal editing. (I don’t understand how career writers live with themselves. I’m only a semester and a winter break removed from this … Continue reading

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Grandeur, simplicity, and bipolar spirituality

On Christmas Day Jean and I attended a service of lessons and carols at the National Cathedral. The setting sun ignited stained glass windows. The organ roared. Buttresses soared. Candles flickered. Grand proclamations of Scripture echoed through holy halls. We … Continue reading

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2013 Reads

Well, it’s the first day of 2014 which means I should probably get any 2013 posts out of my system. Most of my reading last year was scattered and distracted, but here are five pieces that stirred deep down things.*¬† … Continue reading

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Whom do men say that I am?

This is a short piece I wrote recently for my Intro to Christian History & Thought class. It’s a summary of some important heresies concerning the nature of Jesus and the ecumenical councils that combatted them. I conclude with a … Continue reading

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Creation of man

Overall, the Iroquois creation myth shares very little with its Hebrew (biblical) counterpart. Where Genesis records God speaking the world into existence in a more or less systematic way, the Iroquois story includes the fantastic tale of a woman giving … Continue reading

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My working vocabulary always lags behind my reading vocabulary, so this year, as a sort of unofficial New Year’s resolution, I have been looking up and recording all unfamiliar or uncertain words. While I haven’t noticed amazing progress with working … Continue reading

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