Litter is gross and it makes me mad.

On Monday and Wednesday of my teaching schedule I have a precious 20-minute afternoon time slot called “Teacher-Directed Activity.” Normally we talk current events or do science projects, but today I wanted to raise awareness to the sickening amount of trash people throw out of their cars. So I rounded up trash bags and gloves, canceled my afternoon music class, and attacked the ditches with my students.

Forty minutes and barely a quarter mile later, the seven bags were full. That’s a disgusting, gluttonous amount of soda cans, beer bottles, McDonald’s bags, grocery bags, cigarette butts and packages, Slurpee cups, and diapers.

Don’t wait for Earth Day to do something. Stop littering now!

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One Response to Litter is gross and it makes me mad.

  1. Becca says:

    Amen! Way to give your students a balanced, Godly education! 🙂 Maybe the next installent could be the importance of recycling. Almost every plastic is marked “recyclable”, yet still tons and tons of it goes into landfills where it will sit for the forseeable future because we are too lazy to find a recycling container. It’s “gross and makes me mad” to the extent that I want to raid garbage cans in the middle of the night and pull out all the plastics.

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