Two weeks ago I celebrated my 23 years on earth. Yesterday my wife celebrated her 27 years. It’s been a fun several weeks.

Jean gave me this,

and this (yes, the special CD/DVD edition).

With the b-day money  from parents and grandparents I got this,

and with gift cards from friends I got this (not this particular set),

and this.

On my birthday we went to see this,

then we sat here,

and talked about church and state, patriotism vs. nationalism, America as a culture vs. America as an empire, and the various threads that develop from these topics. I married a brilliant woman–a free thinker (in the good sense)–who isn’t afraid of sharpening, toning, or outrightly debunking my ideas in accordance with their respective levels of heresy. Did I mention she can cook too?

Then we left the big city and ate here on our way home.

It was a grand time.

Now it’s her turn. She got this from her husband.

The flowers and a round of miniature golf are coming.

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2 Responses to Birthdays

  1. ahobowithahome says:

    Happy birthday you two! The other day Gideon asked me who I would want to spend a day with, if I could choose anyone in the world. Not counting him. And I said it would have to be Jean! Then this post made me miss her all the more. Come to Poland please.

    • Josh says:

      I showed her this, and she was very flattered (in a good way). I definitely can’t say that I blame you, though. Thanks for the invite…we’ll be over as soon as possible.

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