Second song, first verse

And so the months of honeymooning and vacationing and sleeping-in followed by siesta-ing come to an abrupt end. This morning I got up at an unearthly hour (at this point anytime before 9:00 AM), and welcomed my gang of seven students to the 2011-2012 school term. It’s good to be back. And beyond my rookie year.

But with all good things come stress, so I unwound (ha, ha) by flying some kites I found in the school shed. The manufacturer’s packaging designers were definitely better than the kite engineers, but I managed a few successful flights before they were completely destroyed. Now I didn’t grow up flying kites all that much, but anybody who isn’t mesmerized by watching a kite grab a breeze and climb into the welkin has ceased to live.

Coming up next week: “Celebrations” My birthday already happened; I’ll just be blogging about it a bit. The title is definitely not definite. I’m really bad at this whole teaser thing.

Oh, and I did survive the earthquake yesterday. Like everybody else. Though, I’ll bet I was closer to the epicenter than most people. Ha! Survivor superiority.

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