Paddy’s Land

Trip synopsis (in an objective, minimalist fashion):

At the invitation of my brother (in the agape and storge sense) Gid Yutzy, the venerable hobo of Poland, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania, I flew to Ireland. We met in Dublin International. Our mission: to give our respective girlfriend the surprise of her life. So we did. With our mission accomplished, we spent the rest of our several days exploring Waterford and surrounding counties with our lasses and a group of people from the school in Poland. On Saturday, November 13, beside the Irish Sea, I asked Jean to marry me. She agreed. We are planning a June wedding. We are happy. Deeply happy.

Here are some pictures with objective, minimalist captions.

The reasons.



The cliffs.

A church.

The Hook Lighthouse.

The view from the Hook Lighthouse.

Blarney Castle.

Us on top of Blarney Castle.

All of us on top of Blarney Castle.

Us at la bohéme not long before the fateful question.

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2 Responses to Paddy’s Land

  1. ahobowithahome says:

    or maybe the post could have been entitled “from Paddy to Jean.” hey, thanks for doing the right thing and meeting me in Ireland. what a great story. the surprise worked out. surprises are romantic. Karli, you were a good accomplice. i would like to say one more thing and that is i had a hard time focusing on your post because of a beautiful young female whose face lit up my computer and whose love lights up my whole world. ha, i have no shame. all the best, bro (agape and storge, i agree)

  2. caritabk says:

    Josh. The captions are objective and minimalist mostly because of the periods.

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