Royal engagement

Yes, Prince William, I know. Betrothal to a beautiful woman is a marvelous experience. It’s really cool to share the moment with you. However, despite your royal/celebrity status, I wouldn’t trade your story for mine. Not for all jewels in Buckingham Palace.

As of Saturday evening (11/13) Jean and I are engaged to be married. Some pictures and details forthcoming (despite my aversion to pictures and relationship blogging).

Life is a gift.

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3 Responses to Royal engagement

  1. Becca says:

    Congrats, you guys! 🙂

  2. Rose Mary says:

    Sweet! Rather amusing tho, since my little brother (not Virgil) noticed it before I did.

  3. Vern Dude says:

    Peasants ,knaves or slaves ,why do we so readily spurn “Royalty” but yet just as readily use them as a reference to gauge our own accomplishments……… Congrats to ye the smitten. !

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