Green lunches

Now that I’m a full time teacher, I regularly pack a lunch (as in every day). If of course, throwing several food items in a bag while rushing out the door can be considered packing a lunch. As much as I dislike the regular drudgery, it has made me aware of the ungodly amounts of trash that we generate in the name of efficiency.

I’m sorry, Earth. (the confession part of repentance)

Now to take action (the actual repentance):

1. I currently use Ziploc Evolve sandwich bags. Compared to regular bags they consist of 25% less plastic and are made with wind power. The current package was gifted to me as part of a grocery-laden, “Welcome to Virginia” gesture from the church. Along with several packs of the regular, evil, earth-consuming kind. Of course, once I buy my own, I’ll go for the evolved bags.

2. I reuse paper lunch bags. Actually, I just started using the paper kind but only because the bulky, cooler-type systems don’t fit into my backpack and I’m too cheap to buy the plastic kind.

3. I recycle. Recyclables. Convenient to recycle recyclables.

So maybe it isn’t a complete, “walk-the-saw-dust-trail,” “make-Al-Gore-cheer,” type of repentance, but give me a break; it’s a good start. At least I’m not harpooning whales or dumping nuclear waste into the Potomac.

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One Response to Green lunches

  1. Becca says:

    WooHoo! Go, Josh! Of course, you could eliminate the bags altogether and use containers. 😉 But containers necessitate washing, I know.

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