God Bless the American Dream

Even though my school is individualized, I like to know what my students are being taught, so I periodically read through their textbooks after school. Since I’m a sucker for history, sociology, and anthropology (I just wanted to use big words), I typically end up reading in the social studies texts. These are educational experiences. For example today, I learned that the “American Dream” is pretty much God’s purpose for my life.

The desire to make a way and rise above even the poorest circumstances has permeated American life since colonial days. While it has sometimes been labeled the “American Dream,” fulfilling God’s divine purpose for one’s life is an honorable goal.

Later in the section on Christian businessmen, I learned that the founder of Chik-fil-a was super successful because he built his franchise on Biblical principles such as closing on Sunday. I’m just wondering why heathen yet successful fast-food chains like McDonald’s, BK, and Wendy’s haven’t caught on yet. Maybe God blesses them for their contributions to world peace through obesity.


1. I appreciate hard-working Americans

2. I like Chik-fil-a. Their atmosphere is much more human than other fast-food chains. Plus, they have killer sweet tea, free refills, and free Wi-Fi.

3. If I would start a business, I would close it on Sunday.

4. I feel guilty for making snide comments about a certain history curriculum without taking the time to fully engage the issues in thoughtful debate.

5. I don’t typically use as many prepositional phrases in one sentence as I did in the former point.

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2 Responses to God Bless the American Dream

  1. Benji says:

    I see FCS is still using ACE. 🙂

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