Good and bad news

I enjoy both Glenn Beck and Anderson Cooper. They keep me balanced. But lately Beck’s characteristic pessimism has been getting to me. I realize that comparing these two personalities is similar to comparing a smoking monster truck with a Maserati, but if I only listened to Beck, I’d think that every day is the day before the Apocalypse. Glenn, I know it’s bad, but seriously…go for a walk on a starry night, and consider the significance yourself and the USA in light of the Andromeda Galaxy (pardon the unintentional pun).

So tonight I checked out the latest AC 360∘ podcast and came across a beautiful story that is worth sharing. Here’s the link:

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One Response to Good and bad news

  1. Becca says:

    I agree. Glenn Beck does need a walk under the stars… and maybe someone to read him the post my friend Brian wrote (that I’m pretty sure was a reaction to some of Beck’s recent comments.) Check it out:

    I won’t apologize at all for watching the AC video three times. Moya is an older, spitting image of one of my friends. I haven’t seen him since he was 12 because he’s in custody. Again.

    That Rev. just became one of my heroes. For real, giving at-risk people a place and a face in their community is absolutely irreplaceable. What the Rev. says about being taken advantage of is so Jesus-like, I cheered aloud involuntarily and startled my parakeets.

    Man. I wish there were more places… more houses, churches, businesses… “soaked with the sense of redemption”.

    Did you notice what’s written on the tree behind Moya’s head at 5:44?

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