Sons of our Father

I love listening to Richard Dawkins, especially with his British accent. He seems much more human than most academic types. but somebody remind me…Is he a scientist (at least of the hard-core variety that he claims), philosopher, comedian (e.g. Dave Letterman), satirist, elitist club president, civil rights leader, or a religious proselyte? Watch or read his presentation here on CNN. Or here on TED.

I’m not so sure anymore but one thing I do know. And that is that God loves Richard Dawkins as much as he loves King Louis XVI, Jerry Falwell, Saddam Hussein, Pres. Obama, Larry King, Genghis Khan, Brad Pitt, and my great-great-grandfather on my mom’s side. And even me for that matter.

Hopefully, Mr. Dawkins will someday emerge from his philosophical rumspringa and acknowledge the presence (and love) of his Father.

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