Northeast Vacation: Entry 6 (Final)-Pictures and stuff

No matter how grand the sights offered by a vacation, home is always a most beautiful place. Here are some of the promised pics (all credits go to my sister and her Nikon).

NewEngland-Canada-2009 025

Fort Crown Point (New York) with Lake Champlain in the background.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 095

The whole gang minus…

NewEngland-Canada-2009 083

…the parents at Lake Champlain.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 209

The world according to Mt. Washington.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 241

Josh acting like he’s conquered the world.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 217

An engulfing cloud.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 278

The world according to Cadillac Mountain (Acadia National Park).

NewEngland-Canada-2009 302

Checking out a Maine beach. Maine’s coast was everything I imagined it to be and then some.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 369

Jake contemplating the fate of his meal.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 428

Kyle and Daryn duking it out during some post-wedding v-ball. Ryan Shafer and Renee used-to-be Pratt’s wedding was the major impetus for this trip.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 483

Bikers on the idyllic Prince Edward Island.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 564

The legendary Green Gables.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 569

Not sure about what supposed to be happening on Lover’s Lane.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 554

Josh and Jake having just survived the Haunted Wood.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 642

Walking on the sea floor at Hopewell Rocks.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 783

Watching the tide roll in at the Bay of Fundy.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 837

We took I-95 through NYC just because we could.

NewEngland-Canada-2009 856

Forever beautiful…


Now for a few fun facts and statistics:

0 — Number of hours that I spent behind the wheel.

23 — Number of hours that Jake spent behind the wheel. I don’t particularly care for driving in the first place, so I was more than happy to leave the driving to Jake (a student driver who needed to log some hours), my wheel-happy sister Drea, and my father.

2.75 — Number of books that I read while the others drove. Completed- Black by Ted Dekker and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by R.L. Stevenson. Started- King Solomon’s Mines by H.R. Haggard and Through Painted Deserts by Donald Miller.

2 — Number of times that I wore socks. I’m addicted to my new sandals.

7 — Number of new states that I visited. Delaware is the only one I need to complete the lower 48. I would consider this a brag-worthy milestone, but Jake has me beat, so that ruins it all.

2 — Number of consecutive nights that I feasted on baby-back ribs…another addiction.

2 — Number of times I worked out during the vacation. A few of our hotels had great workout systems, so I yielded to the temptation and actually burned a few calories.


Well that’s it. School resumes in a week, so postings will once again decrease in regularity.

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2 Responses to Northeast Vacation: Entry 6 (Final)-Pictures and stuff

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  2. Tonia says:

    All ze pictures are luffly! Brings back many sweet memories from when I was in PEI. Hmm… about the one of you on famed lover’s lane. The gleeful look on your face defies the loneliness you should feel. The first picture is captivating – I’d love to go explore.

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