Every creeping thing…

I’ve always been a lover of pretty much “every thing that creepeth upon the earth.” However, my pet choices have typically stayed within domesticus mammalia. My friends and family members, not so much.

Let me introduce…

Photo 28

…Phantom the Tarantula from a neighboring study cubicle,

Photo 78

…Lucy the Python from Guys Mills,

Photo 83

…Pharoah the Scorpion from a neighboring bedroom,

Photo 93

…and Palin the Coon from the Nisley backyard. Technically, she’s not a pet (which would be illegal) because we do not keep her in a confined area. She is free to come and go as she pleases, but so far she’s hung around and assumed the role of Official Canine and Feline Antagonist. And yes, she was named after a certain governor of a certain cold state (not my idea).


Personal News Bulletin: On break. Working hard. Partying harder. Enjoying family. Reading books. Loving summer. Swimming. Softball. Hot air balloons. Campfires. (Who needs Twitter neway?)

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