Worlds within worlds within worlds…

Of all the sciences I’m generally more intrigued by the big stuff. However, as we (Principles of Science class) delve into the cellular, molecular, atomic, and sub-atomic levels I am awed at the astounding intricacies of nature.

Earlier this week in a microscopy lab* I saw some strange creatures in a few drops of creek water.

This guy is known as copepod. Apparently this one had nothing better to do than buzz around his little pond and periodically get tangled up in the microscopic bits of algae. What a life…


Then I witnessed a paramecium. Even at a power of 400 he looked like nothing more than a dust speck. A dust speck with a purpose that is,what with the way he cruised through the water and all. I was hoping that the copepod would decide to take a lunch break and give chase, but he obviously had better things to do. Also I would have felt bad for the docile little paramecium bloke.


In another drop of water I found this wretched little fiend, known scientifically as a giardia. Upon ingestion by humans this antagonist will unleash all of his fury which typically leaves the offender with an uncomfortable disease which derived its name from the Greek word “diarrhoia” which means “a flowing through”–known colloquially as the “back-door-trots” malaise.


Seeing all of this made me take Horton Hears a Who much more seriously. I also thought about the possibility of a super-alien species looking at the earth under a cosmic microscope. What would they think when they see us running around like important little bugs? I didn’t stay there long but it was fun while it lasted. Regardless, terms like “big” and “small” are much more relative than they used to be.

* A fancy way of saying, “We looked at stuff with a microscope.” 


Strange but true

1. Guys Mills is home (at least temporarily) to sandhill cranes. I know because I saw one on my way to school.

2. This morning on my way to school a black cat crossed the road and nothing drastically bad happened to me all day. In fact, I had a great day. Who says stupid cats rule the world anyway?

3. A lot of strange but true things are happening on my way to and from school. 

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