Great Epics

They are those stories that leave a lasting impression on the life of the reader. They engage both the heart and and the mind. They contain captivating plots within plots. Beneath these plots run deep themes of truth, love, meaning, and beauty. Yet a common theme always emerges–the cosmic struggle between good and evil. Truth versus untruth. Noble versus dishonorable. Fiction becomes reality as we experience these stories and see their relation humankind’s epic narrative. As the final chapter closes a chapter also closes in the reader’s life. 

A few days ago I finished Father Elijah by Michael O’Brien. Unlike some of the epics I have read, this one is fairly modern. It was recommended to me by one of my instructors at FB, so I bought it and quickly devoured it. I will not give a synopsis, but I do recommend it to anyone looking for a very worthwhile apocalyptic read. It quickly made its way to my top five favorite novels, ranking right up there with Lord of the Rings, Ben-Hur, and Lés Miserables to mention a few.


Personal News Bulletin: I intended on posting ever since I finished the fall semester over two weeks ago. Obviously my priorities have not changed much since then. I spent the first weekend in Lancaster concert-going with a TAP buddy of mine. A Kings’ Singers Christmas concert on Saturday and Philadelphia Orchestra’s Messiah performance on Sunday…wonderful! Since then I’ve been working, reading, and partying. Almost in that order. Spring semester begins in February; I hope to read much more between now and then. 

For that very reason I sign off…

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One Response to Great Epics

  1. Becca says:

    Hmmm… if “Father Elijah” can rank close to The Lord of the Rings, maybe I’d better consider adding it to my constantly-lengthening list of to-reads. 🙂 Thanks for the reccommendation!

    Thanks for the comment!

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