A reader’s response

The following quote is an excerpt from a reader’s response to a cover article that Time published about Rick Warren

Has anyone told him [Rick Warren] that proselytizing is arrogant in its lack of respect for local cultures? The belief that one’s own religion is right and everyone else’s is wrong is the root of most of the conflict occurring today. True believers are always wrong, whether they are Christians, Muslims, or Jews.

Now I’m no expert in logic and philosophy, but this type of reasoning would almost be laughable if it wouldn’t be so prevalent in our culture. Sad…for various reasons.


Personal News Bulletin: My life is currently in a state of change. As of this past Monday I am deeply engrossed in my TAP apprenticing semester at FB. To my regular readers (yes, just the two or three of you) I might only publish a new post every two weeks. Or erratically. Yes, I am re-prioritizing, and no, this blog is not an extremely high priority. Stay tuned.

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