Apple Customer Service

In an earlier post I announced my acquisition of an Apple Macbook. Besides my personal interest in the brand I bought the computer because of their current college student promotion. Buy a Macbook for college and get a free iPod Nano or Touch. After reading the fine print and crunching some numbers, I placed my order. Or at least I thought I read the fine print. In a not-so-hidden clause the terms and conditions state that in order to use the promotion the customer needs to be approved for Apple education discounts offered by their Education Store. I had previously attempted signing up for these discounts, but since FBEP was not listed in their database of approved institutions I gave up. Somehow I overlooked or misread this clause and failed to notice until I received shipment confirmation and tried submitting the rebate claim. Oops. My bad.

I immediately called customer service and pressed the button for help with rebates and attempted an explanation. You see…it was like this…could you perhaps…somehow I misread…yes, I understand…you actually believe my story? In my year and a half working at Greenview Lawn and Garden I dealt with numerous customer service people, and I know good customer service when I experience it. At this point your average customer service person would have feigned sorrow about my condition but insisted that terms are terms and conditions are conditions. Sorry. Can’t help you. Have a good day. Oh, and by the way your call really was important to us. She, the lady at Apple, had the right to this action. It really was my fault. 

Instead of hanging up on me, however, she weighed her options and decided to contact her manager. Could I please hold? Sure thing ma’am, whatever you say. A few minutes later…just checking if I was still on and sorry about the wait. No problem at all. Another few minutes later…really sorry about the wait, but she was doing her best. Whatever it takes ma’am, whatever it takes. At last she had something. She talked with her manager and they decided to accept my story and issue a credit to my credit card if I could provide them with a student ID and class schedule. Gulp. Umm…not sure how to say this ma’am, but I currently don’t have any of these items. Yes, I could have those within a week. She then left me with her manager’s fax and extension number.

After a few e-mails to FB I obtained the required documents and promptly faxed them to Manager after leaving a message on her voicemail stating my identity, order number, and reason for contacting her. That was on the evening of July 3. On Monday evening, July 7, I received a call from Manager informing me that the information was received and a credit was issued. Oh, and by the way, we credited you an extra $110 for the normal 10% student discount. Is there anything else we can do for you?

Actually ma’am ya’ll did quite well. I really appreciate it. Really, really appreciate it. Thank you and have a wonderful evening.


Personal News Bulletin:

Yesterday my high school class of 2006 had our first official reunion. We spent the day boating on Lake Wilhelm. Hard to believe it’s been only two years. And that in two weeks I’ll be back. On a new level, in a different program, of course.

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