Sonnet I- Love Story

Love Story

As Creator, Love existed in the beginning.

His living breath flowed within his supreme creation.

Love Himself desired love for His selfless loving,

But His own image sought self-glorification.


As Messiah, Love became one of His beloved own;

Born, a helpless infant in a hard, hopeless world.

Still, mankind spurned Love and let Him hang, pierced and alone.

Murdered by His creation, Love’s banner hung unfurled.


As Sovereign King, Love burst the bonds of Adam’s Bane

When He, the Ressurection, vanquished death’s cold grip.

Almighty Love, now enthroned in His eternal reign,

Invites us to a rich life under His Lordship.


Still after many ages,

Love’s battle for the soul rages.


-Josh Nisley


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