Weekend Rundown

Thanks to an extra long weekend with all the holiday festivities I had plenty of relaxing time to myself. So far I spent most of it staying up late, sleeping in not so late, and wearing myself out in between. In general just adding to my sleep deficit. All of it is voluntary, so I consider it relaxing nonetheless. 

On Friday I went on a 16+ mile bike ride, followed by a 3/4 hour swim, followed by 2 hours of volleyball, and then yesterday I went on a 10 mile canoe trip with my youth. I feel no guilt about the hamburgers, pizza, ice cream, and other holiday food I consumed between activities.

The lack of photos on this blog concerns me at times, so I decided to post some pics of the canoe trip yesterday. All photo credits go to my sister.


Standing in line and waiting. Apparently everybody else decided that canoeing would be a wonderful way to spend the day, so the rental agency and, more unfortunately, the river was quit congested.

A very cool people and canoe hauling rig. Unfortunately we had to ride in vans.

In the water after a spill.

Attempting re-entry. Drea shot a pretty good video of the retribution/revenge delivered to the perpetrators of the above spill, but unfortunately I cannot upload .mov files.


The river.

Lovebirds.🙂 (Devon and Dorthea)

Unified and going with the flow. Formation canoeing for a period of time is almost a tradition now. We call our assembly Living Waters Drifting Church. 

Laziness. So maybe I shouldn’t feel so good about all the aforementioned holiday food. Thanks to my cousin Joseph (known yesterday as “Evinrude”) I could relax for part of the trip. A big part. 


Decreasing my sleep debt. Despite my apparent laziness in the previous picture my canoe came in somewhere around third. That meant a lengthy wait for all the laggers (a.k.a. dating couples), so, opportunist that I am, I sprawled and napped. Thanks to my equally opportunistic sister I now know what I look like when in repose.

Well, that should be enough pictures for awhile. Just for the record (and to brag just a tiny bit), this is the first post using my new MacBook. Yes, after months of research and deliberation I finally bought a Mac. No, I don’t want to hear lectures from all the Windows people although you may do so if you feel led. So far I really like the simplicity of the machine and its applications, but I realize that much remains to be learned. Until then, however, its goodbye to good ole’ PC.


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