Meditations In A Cemetery

Meditations In A Cemetery


Keeper of secrets still untold

Resting so placidly,

Will you to me your stories unfold?

Stories of lives lived bodily?


Solemn sanctuary of the deceased,

May I in your serenity meditate

On questions these stones increased?

Thoughts of life and time and fate.


Here lies a mother, there a soldier,

Both now turned to dust.

Simply marked with granite boulder,

Not with statue or marble bust.


Gone the remains of the earthly shell,

Gone the presence of the soul.

What can attest to a life lived well?

Those whose lives the life made more whole.


As the grass of the earth the flesh fades away.

From birth to burial, from nothing to nothing.

But thanks be to God that death cannot slay

The soul yielded to the Master of all living.

-Josh Nisley

The inspiration for this poem comes from Smith Cemetery a small local plot that lies along a stretch of peaceful dirt road. Although I do not by any stretch of the imagination consider myself a poet, I do enjoy good, meaningful poetry written by the masters, and every once in a great while I am inspired to try my hand (and brain) at it. Enjoy for whatever it’s worth.


Personal News Bulletin: Tomorrow I leave for Kentucky with my family to spend and extended weekend with some of our relations down thar. Should be a lot of fun traveling and partying with the cousins.

So long until next week. 

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One Response to Meditations In A Cemetery

  1. Tonia says:

    That is a very well-written poem. Robert Frost is still waiting to have his shoes filled by someone who has the inspiration to do it.

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