Things, They Are A’happening

Even though I don’t want this blog to consist wholly of personal events and happenings, the events of the past few days are significant enough, at least in my opinion, to post, so here goes:

Event #1: Thursday, May 15, 2008- The Class of 2008 of FBCS, which includes my sister and some great friends, graduated. I had the honor of participating in the ensemble singing during the ceremony. We sang, “Lord, Sanctify Me Wholly”, “Remember Thy Creator”, and the traditional finale, “Lord We Are Thy People”. All are very beautiful songs even though the second one is quite difficult. The graduates each gave a speechlet (short speech) followed by a challenging commencement address by John D. Martin. Even though I graduated a mere two years ago I found myself feeling somewhat nostalgic. Amazing how two years fly by yet still seem like an age. Cheers and God’s best to a great graduating class!

Event #2: Friday, May 16, 2008- The bosses and a group of employees from J.N. Pallet Co. attended the 31st East Coast Sawmill and Logging Equipment Exposition in Richmond, VA. The show was fairly impressive. That is of course if you’re in the logging and/or timber industry. The sheer enormity of some of the logging equipment on display awed me. Made me feel like a little boy at a toy store. I guess it’s a male thing. As an avid Stihl power equipment fan I was quite disappointed with their lack of presence. They put on a crowd-pleasing lumberjack show, but had no product exhibit. However, their number one competitor, Husqvarna, was there en force, and I entertained myself by digging up some of my old salesmen rhetoric and giving the one salesman a conversion challenge. He failed, but we had fun anyway. Other than that and an interesting Prentice Loader competition the show basically consisted of slicked up salesmen in company polos and starched khakis smugly hailing their product as the best in the industry while disdainfully dissing the competition who claimed the same position. Quite entertaining. Oh, and the food was outrageously expensive, but it was all on the company’s tab, so I didn’t mind. It was still ridiculous and exploitive.

Because of the aforementioned graduation, Dad, my older brother Phil, and I didn’t travel with the rest of the group which traveled down Thursday evening. Instead we packed our bags and took to the skies with Dad’s Mooney bird on Friday morning.  The trip down was unlike any I’ve experienced with my dad before. He received his IFR rating a few years ago already, but I never flew with him in weather like we had yesterday. At about 6500 feet the overcast sky engulfed us and that was the last we saw of the ground for awhile. The turbulence threw us around some and visibility was nil, but thanks to God, a good navigation system, and two good pilots we clawed our way through it. Definitely not something for the weak of stomach. About 45 minutes or so later we broke out on top of the overcast system and that’s when it got really fun. With the sun and blue sky above we cavorted through the cloudscape, skimming past clouds, slicing our wings into clouds, and sometimes plunging directly into clouds. It felt otherworldly at times. Except for some rather difficult landings, which my dad aced, the rest of the trip down and back was rather uneventful. I relaxed by daydreaming, listening to tunes, working on this blog post, and sleeping. Sometimes all at the same time.

Event #3: Saturday, May 17, 2008- I finally got my much awaited bike, a 2008 Jamis Ventura Comp. I ordered it around a month ago, but unfortunately it was on back order. As of today, however, I have it in my possession, and I’m ready for some serious cycling. Who knows? With the crazy fuel prices it just might pay off sooner than expected.

Current Life Forecast: Full throttle with a chance of normality* in the next few days.

*normality is relative to the individual


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