Think About It- Mother’s Day

Tomorrow we celebrate some of the most important, yet very underrated and overlooked, individuals in the world and in our lives—our mothers. And yes everybody has one. Whether for good or for ill a mother plays a tremendous role in the shaping of an individual’s life, character, and destiny. A tremendous role.  For this reason we owe them deep respect. If for no other reason than helping bring about existence, we owe them our respect.  

Think about it.*

Society today is pretty well set on undermining and even destroying the beauty and nobility of motherhood. I mean, who would want to stay at home, bring life into the world, and raise the next generation of the earth’s dominant inhabitants? How boring and derogatory! Bearing children, okay maybe, but raising them, nurturing them, shaping them, and practically giving my entire life for them? You have got to be kidding! We American dream chasing Americans too often underestimate the vital impact that real mothers have on the world. Strong mothers make strong families. Strong families make strong communities. Strong communities make strong churches and nations. This observation could possibly serve as an explanation for some of the erosion of morals and values and such in America and American Christians.

Think about it.

I have been blessed and continue to be blessed with a mother who, despite all the stereotypes, has no greater desire than to be just that—a real mother.  A mother who has spent twenty some odd years with her husband sacrificing herself for her family of six children. Her job requires her services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for the Lord only knows how many years. The work is grueling and the salary nonexistent despite the endless job titles and skills required, but she loves every minute of it. I am convinced that, were she to live those years over again, she would choose the same career. That, my friends, is noble. That is beautiful. That is sacrifice.

Think about it.

I find it interesting that Mother’s Day is held on a Sunday, a normal day off. Could we men make it any other day?

Think about it.

Proverbs 31:28- Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.


Personal News Bulletin:

1. Last night I took my S.S. class guys camping as a sort of term end celebration. As much as I look forward to rejoining the youth I will miss the class.

2. Tonight I made a dessert for our fellowship meal at church since it’s Mother’s Day and all. It probably cost Mom more stress than it saved her, but we had fun, and I discovered that I can whip up a pretty mean strawberry delight pudding thingy.

3. I learned a new meaning for the word fold while concocting the aforementioned pudding. In cooking lingo fold means something to the effect of mixing in an ingredient but not to extreme measures such as with the use of a electric mixer/beater. Who would have thought of fold?

*Apologies to Hyundai for borrowing their ad campaign’s slogan


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2 Responses to Think About It- Mother’s Day

  1. Arla says:

    Go Josh,
    I’m Lance’s mom and since he was impressed with your thoughts on moms; he passed his computer over to me for to read.
    So thanks a bunch for your tribute to us moms. You have to know though that sons like you and Lance make it a joy to do.
    Keep it up, Josh, for Jesus and others. amg

  2. Tonia says:

    You’ve perfectly described the high privilege/responsiblity of motherhood. Cheers on making a dessert thingy! 🙂

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